Jim & Ruth Draper
15722  645 East St.
Sheffield, IL 61361

    Phone: 815-866-2294 or    
E-mail: grazengrowfarm@gmail.com
Pasture raised Katahdin Sheep 
for meat production. 

Direct sales, with butchering available at local locker.

OR... if you are capable of butchering your own we now have a state approved Type II Custom Slaughtering & Processing Room 
(due to room size beef is unable to be processed here).  

We also are now licensed to sell off the farm, state inspected, processed meat
that includes our Belted Galloway/Murray Grey beef  we currently have in stock in freezers along with chickens. 

More information on Lamb

To:15722 645 East St.
Sheffield, IL 61361
Number and Street:
About Katahdin Sheep
If you have ever used Google Earth we have noticed some Interstate 80 passerby has taken a couple of pictures, one of the sheep and another of the east barnyard, that you can check out in the area just north of Sheffield, Illinois.
This page was last updated: November 9, 2018
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At the request of some of our customers we have now added 
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Available now while supply lasts! 
Pasture raised, organically fed, delicious chicken  
Average 6+ pounds each 
This picture of the chickens was taken about 2 to 3 weeks before they were processed.  Since they were old enough to be outside they were in this movable containment that was moved every day or two to keep them on fresh grass yet safe from predators, such as the many coyotes in the area along with a fox or two, not to mention the large hawks in the area too.
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